Saturday, April 17, 2010

Volcanoes, Ferries, Carpet Slippers & Fitters...

We eventually all converged in Oxford. Two by ferry, three by car and the rest of us on a big green bus replete with colour co-ordinated trailer. The volcano tried to keep us apart but we prevailed.

Right, now enough of the pompous shit and down to business.

First days of tours I tend to find are quite fraught but this was a breeze. Everything done and dusted before 5.30 and into the nearest pub. No food to be had apart from "some stuff I've had in the freezer for 18 months" which was respectfully declined.

All the usual suspects had assembled by the time we'd been in the pub for an hour or so. Every-ware, Giggman, J and Mrs Buckley and Dave, who had made a gargantuan effort to arrive on time from Inverness regardless of what Icelands finest threw at him.

By 8 we were in the venue to witness the mighty Amsterdam fire up the crowd. If you're coming to a show and have never seen Amsterdam, make the effort to see them, they really are something special.

Our show passed uneventfully (I like 'em like that). Crowd and band seemed to enjoy themselves in equal measure.

And now we are back on the bus, London bound. I'm sitting in the front lounge in my carpet slippers (home comforts are important) listening to the playback of Dirty Rays album from the back lounge.

And the reason for mentioning the carpet fitter ? The local crew had to completely clear the stage once we'd finished. Lou Reed is playing there on Sunday and he will only play on a carpetted stage. So the Academy have a carpet fitter coming in tomorrow...HEY! Lou wrote "Walk On The Wild Side" so he can do what he likes.

Goodnight good people.

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