Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vinyl Adventures #14

Patti Drew was born in North Carolina in 1944 and spent time living in Nashville. She began singing in church with her sisters Lorraine and Erma where they were spotted by their mothers employer, a Capitol Records promoter, who signed them to the label as The Drew-Vels. In 1963 they released the single "Tell Him" which was a local hit and flirted around the bottom end of the Billboard national charts.

Patti signed as a solo artist to Quill Records in 1966 and shortly after moved back to Capitol. She released a total of 3 albums and a handful of singles before leaving the music business in 1971.

"Stop And Listen" was released as a single in 1967. It has a laid back groove but builds to a crescendo of vocals and horns during the chorus. Listen out especially for the bass player, who is laying down some serious moves in there, and a fantastic baritone sax honking away in the background.

People, give it up for Miss Patti Drew and "Stop And Listen"

Vinyl Adventures #12

No, not the hairy middle of the road-ers from the mid 70's (see here) but this Guys & Dolls are a (possibly) Chicago based group about whom very little is known.

The track in question is again the b-side and starts out with strident strings supported by a more than keen drummer who after a lightning fast roll proceeds to go mental on his bass drum for the entire remaining 2 minutes and 51 seconds (he must have been shattered by the end of this session) supported by a great female lead and intertwining group vocals. Well worth £10.

I present you with Guys & Dolls and "Heartaches"...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Me & My Friends

Back in June we were invited to my friend Ian's 40th birthday party and Ian asked if I would play a few songs. I did and here they are...

Coz I Luv You
Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart
The Ballad Of Me And My Friends
Tainted Love
Down In The Tubestation At Midnight

Thanks to Dave for his rhythmic accompaniment and Deb & Sally for vocal assistance.