Thursday, April 22, 2010


We always had a great night in Glasgow. We always used to have the Glasgow show early in the tour so we would be guaranteed a great night that would set us up for the tour ahead.

Then a couple of years ago we had a bad, bad night here that soured our relationship with the city. Tonight we returned to the scene of that bad night.

I don't think I was the only one feeling a little apprehensive about the night ahead but...Glasgow and the band delivered in equal measure. Tonights was a storming show the like of which I haven't enjoyed in a while.

Random thought...I must try and get a copy of Paul Weller's new album in Newcastle tomorrow.

I've just been to the 24 hour shop across the street and bought an entire box of Freddo's to keep us company on the road. The shop was next door to the chippy where earlier I dined on battered haggis and chips...lovely.

Thank you Glasgow and goodnight people...

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Location:Bath St,Glasgow,United Kingdom


glen said...

ooohh love freddo's the full choc and the caramel in equal measures

pagingbrian said...

Its all about the Freddoes baby!