Sunday, April 25, 2010

20 Life Sized Smurfs...

Bournemouth appears to have changed from a place where elderly folk come to live out their remaining years (although the town still contains a fair few oldies) into stag/hen night hell.

Whilst walking to a bar last night to meet the rest of our gang we encountered multiple groups of men and women in fancy dress ducking in and out of brightly lit bars playing terrible music on underpowered sound systems, including 20 chaps dressed as life sized Smurfs and an equal number of "ladies" (I use the term loosely) in black leotards and pink or lime green tutu's and leggings.

Maybe I'm turning into one of those people who should be heading here to live out my remaining years but I just don't understand it.

Sorry for not posting from Leeds but circumstances, time, opportunity and inclination conspired against me. Needless to say it was a blinding gig, on a par with Glasgow. It was noted later that when you see Leeds on your intinerary you never think it will be anything special but recent visits there have all been memorable.

We awoke yesterday morning parked in an alley behind tonights venue (ahhh that glamorous rock 'n' roll lifestyle !). We had a lazy day off in a sun drenched seaside town. We walked along the beach, paddled in a frankly ice cold Channel (our TM went for a dip again and confirmed it was colder than Falmouth) walked along the pier, all that stuff you do in seaside towns.

Today is the final show of the tour and afterwards our gang will break up and spread across the world as usual, hopefully until next time. I'll try and wrap all this up tomorrow

Good morning people...

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