Monday, November 23, 2009

Keeping The Faith...

Well we tried, I think we tried quite hard, but perhaps some people aren't prepared to try quite as hard as we did, or be in any way open minded.

The next time I hear someone say there's nothing going on Northern Soul-wise in our area, I may well scream.

The next time I'm DJ'ing and I get asked for any of the following trio:

Barbara Mills - Queen Of Fools
Edwin Starr - Time
Mood Mosaic - A Touch Of Velvet A Sting Of Brass

I may well get very, very lippy with the requestee ! Don't get me wrong, at least 2 of those I like, but when you see the guy in the white t-shirt (the same white t-shirt he's worn everytime I've seen him over the last 9 months) approaching you and you already know what the records he's going to ask for are, it's a little depressing.

For those of you who are interested and open minded enough to take a listen check these out:

Garnett Mimms - Prove It To Me
Patti Drew - Stop And Listen
Eddie Floyd - Things Get Better
Delores Hall - Good Lovin Man
5th Dimension - Train Keep On Moving
Doris Willingham - You Can't Do That

Anybody that needs a frustrated DJ, apply below...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Reading List...

The last few books I've read have all been biographical...

John Peel
Keith Moon
Kirsty MacColl
Gram Parsons
Graham Chapman

I really need to stop reading about dead people !