Monday, August 22, 2011

Vinyl Adventures #3

And another arrived this morning...

Len Jewell, or as he occasionally liked to be known "His Imperial Highness Sir Leonard Jewel Smith", fronted soul group The Styles and first released "Betting On Love" on his own label Teri De. It was later picked up for a wider release by the Fontana label in 1967.

This is another record I have bought for the B-side however. "All My Good Lovin'" is a fabulously smooth piece of late 60's/early 70's soul sounding like it may have been purpose made for the Northern Soul scene. I think it's original release was in 1969 on the Pzazz Records label.

The two songs were bought together in 2004 on the re-activated Soul City label. Soul City was a British record label run by the great soul fan and writer Dave Godin from his record shop of the same name in London. This here copy of the release is a promo release with hand written artist name and song titles on the label.

People, I give you Len Jewell and "All My Good Lovin'"...enjoy!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vinyl Adventures #2

Here comes the second installment of Vinyl Adventures already as the record arrived today.

I came across The Marvellos "Why Do You Want To Hurt The One That Loves You" on a blog that I frequent that suggests soul records that are not so often played at events these days and are ripe for revival. I was immediately taken with the reasonably sparse arrangement which then crashes into a monstrous "let's throw the kitchen sink at it" chorus.

I searched around for it in vain for some time until I discovered that it was a B-side, the A-side being "You're Such A Sweet Thing" which you can listen to at Derek's Daily 45 blog right here. Armed with this information I tracked down a couple of copies but the price was a little rich for me. Finally I tracked down a copy in the US which was priced more to my liking and it arrived this morning.

Ladies and gents I give you The Marvellos and "Why Do You Want To Hurt The One That Loves You"...enjoy!

Vinyl Adventures #1

I've started buying vinyl again. Why, you ask ? Well a couple of years ago I was idly searching t'internet for a soul night I might attend in our local area. I came across an announcement for a night at a sports and social club about 15 minutes walk from our house. I sent an e-mail to the address on the announcement and very quickly got a reply from DJ Double-0 Soul with more info and an invite to go say hello when I arrived.

So my inarguably better half and I attended and I did indeed go up and introduce myself to DJ Double-0 Soul. The thing that surprised me most about all this was that here we were at a soul/Northern soul/rare soul night (call it what you will) and the DJ's were playing from CD's !

Now I had never come across a Soul night previously where this was allowed. DJ'ing from CD's is frowned upon on the rare soul scene. But as a relatively new adherant to the scene and one with only CD's and a desire to DJ, I offered my services and the next month was given a spot.

Our little soul club has moved venues and developed over the ensuing 2 years. We now have 4 regular DJ's 3 of whom, including me, now spin from vinyl as do all our guest DJ's. This means I've had to start buying vinyl again. So I thought I would present some of those purchases here under the title Vinyl Adventures because it's very exciting when I get a new record.

So here is the first, a Northern Soul Classic, NF Porter's "Keep On Keeping On". This was released in 1971 and played almost as a new release at the Golden Torch, quite unusual on the Northern Soul scene.

I didn't buy this one myself. It was a 45th birthday present from my brother and very well received too. It is rumoured that Joy Division based the song "Interzone" on the main riff from this song, they would undoubtedly have known it from Manchester clubs in the mid '70's. You can hear "Interzone" here and make up your own mind.

Our Mr Porter has another big tune on the Northern scene, "If I Could Only Be Sure" credited to Nolan Porter this time, but right now I give Mr NF Porter and "Keep On Keeping On"...enjoy!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Time to say goodbye...

We had to let our beautiful little Siouxsie-dog go on Friday. Everyone keeps telling us we did the right thing but, hell, it doesn't feel like we did.

Sleep tight little girl, we miss you like crazy already. Mom, Dad and J xxx