Sunday, April 18, 2010

Members Only...

I like Shepherds Bush Empire. Not because it's in London, not becase it's our capital but because it has a bloody big stage and I get to spread out a bit, like this:

Beautiful isn't it ? Not everyone gets as excited as me about pictures of guitars in stands but hey, arrest me.

I woke up in an underground car park this morning, I saw a chopper, bought a new Fred Perry, paid over £3 for a may detect a sense of the day not being filled with excitement, which is true but not a bad thing. But it means I'm struggling to tell you anything exciting.

We're now on the bus, a full complement at last after all our volcano based travel difficulties. All is remarkably calm. Usually we have loud music but tonight it's conversations about lip balm and comments about members of our party's members!

Tomorrow we will be in Bristol and I have just been reminded that on our last visit to this venue myself and a lighting chappie had a "frank exchange of views". I wonder if he'll be there again ? Better go get some rest and polish up my cutting remarks...goodnight people.

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denniscrupi said...

Them freakin guitars are beautiful. Never gets old.