Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good Night Though...

Well here I am back at my "real" job and reflecting back over the past few days

Gig Of The Tour
A closely fought for honour between Glasgow and Leeds, it's difficult to separate the two. Had the miserable bouncer not denied us entry to the pub post-gig I may well have gone for Leeds but given the redeeming nature of the night in Glasgow I'll give it to them.

Antic Of The Tour
Has to be PM's antics in Newcastle. Having a bouncer kick in the door of the cubicle in which you are performing and managing not to get thrown out of the bar or have your head caved in by said bouncer is some feat.

Beer Of The Tour
Definitely the Barnsley Bitter in Leeds which should make up for it not having won Gig Of The Tour.

Onstage Comment Of The Tour
You might think it would be the Newcastle U2 comment but I'm going for Glasgow's "my brothers nickname for me all my life has been Titch. Hey Russ! in Glasgow they call me Big Man"

Personal Highlight Of The Tour
Writing this blog to be honest. I've promised to do it before and not delivered. There may not have been too many gory revelations but it gave me something to think about each night and made me take more notice of what was going on around me instead of getting lost in my own little world.

It's been a blast people, normal service shall now be resumed...

Location:Hagley Road,Birmingham,United Kingdom

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glen said...

well thanks for doing it . Its been a hoot to read