Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Will Be... can read Amsterdam singer Iam Prowse's blog about the recent Wonder Stuff tour here (not sure what the Kylie Minogue post is about tho')

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good Night Though...

Well here I am back at my "real" job and reflecting back over the past few days

Gig Of The Tour
A closely fought for honour between Glasgow and Leeds, it's difficult to separate the two. Had the miserable bouncer not denied us entry to the pub post-gig I may well have gone for Leeds but given the redeeming nature of the night in Glasgow I'll give it to them.

Antic Of The Tour
Has to be PM's antics in Newcastle. Having a bouncer kick in the door of the cubicle in which you are performing and managing not to get thrown out of the bar or have your head caved in by said bouncer is some feat.

Beer Of The Tour
Definitely the Barnsley Bitter in Leeds which should make up for it not having won Gig Of The Tour.

Onstage Comment Of The Tour
You might think it would be the Newcastle U2 comment but I'm going for Glasgow's "my brothers nickname for me all my life has been Titch. Hey Russ! in Glasgow they call me Big Man"

Personal Highlight Of The Tour
Writing this blog to be honest. I've promised to do it before and not delivered. There may not have been too many gory revelations but it gave me something to think about each night and made me take more notice of what was going on around me instead of getting lost in my own little world.

It's been a blast people, normal service shall now be resumed...

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Th-Th-Th-Th-That's All...

It's all over. The London/US troupe left for the smoke directly from Bournemouth. We dropped our fantastic TM at the airport at stupid o'clock this morning and narrowly escaped having the bus invaded by 50 returning tourists and luggage.

We are now parked in exactly the same spot we were 11 days ago waiting to load the backline into storage.

I think everyone agrees this has been one of the most enjoyable tours we've ever done. I'll try and write more later but right now I need to chill.

It was a good night though...

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

20 Life Sized Smurfs...

Bournemouth appears to have changed from a place where elderly folk come to live out their remaining years (although the town still contains a fair few oldies) into stag/hen night hell.

Whilst walking to a bar last night to meet the rest of our gang we encountered multiple groups of men and women in fancy dress ducking in and out of brightly lit bars playing terrible music on underpowered sound systems, including 20 chaps dressed as life sized Smurfs and an equal number of "ladies" (I use the term loosely) in black leotards and pink or lime green tutu's and leggings.

Maybe I'm turning into one of those people who should be heading here to live out my remaining years but I just don't understand it.

Sorry for not posting from Leeds but circumstances, time, opportunity and inclination conspired against me. Needless to say it was a blinding gig, on a par with Glasgow. It was noted later that when you see Leeds on your intinerary you never think it will be anything special but recent visits there have all been memorable.

We awoke yesterday morning parked in an alley behind tonights venue (ahhh that glamorous rock 'n' roll lifestyle !). We had a lazy day off in a sun drenched seaside town. We walked along the beach, paddled in a frankly ice cold Channel (our TM went for a dip again and confirmed it was colder than Falmouth) walked along the pier, all that stuff you do in seaside towns.

Today is the final show of the tour and afterwards our gang will break up and spread across the world as usual, hopefully until next time. I'll try and wrap all this up tomorrow

Good morning people...

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Friday, April 23, 2010

OI! Bono...

Not only did our singer stay up until 9am boozing (singer "why didn't you tell me it was 9am" Tour Manager "you didn't ask") he was heard to have the following exchange with a member of his audience:

(Singer explains why the band will be playing some cover versions)

Audience Member: "Do some U2"

Singer: "I will...right after I come down there and kick your f*ckin' head in"

Oh how we laughed!

We managed to spend even more money in Britains finest Doctor Martens shop(Scorpio Shoes for those that are interested). Our shoe addiction may yet be the ruination of us but we now both have very comfortable sandals.

This is the scene that greeted us over breakfast

You gotta say that's a beauty. Reminded me of Edinburgh. Shame breakfast wasn't as impressive !

Tomorrow we look forward to investigating a cheese and chocolate shop a friend told us about. And we have kidnapped the support bands giant poster and plan to ransom it.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010


We always had a great night in Glasgow. We always used to have the Glasgow show early in the tour so we would be guaranteed a great night that would set us up for the tour ahead.

Then a couple of years ago we had a bad, bad night here that soured our relationship with the city. Tonight we returned to the scene of that bad night.

I don't think I was the only one feeling a little apprehensive about the night ahead but...Glasgow and the band delivered in equal measure. Tonights was a storming show the like of which I haven't enjoyed in a while.

Random thought...I must try and get a copy of Paul Weller's new album in Newcastle tomorrow.

I've just been to the 24 hour shop across the street and bought an entire box of Freddo's to keep us company on the road. The shop was next door to the chippy where earlier I dined on battered haggis and chips...lovely.

Thank you Glasgow and goodnight people...

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bring Me Sunshine...

It's been a beautiful day. Clear blue skies, sunshine, beaches, harbours...beautiful. Shame we had to do a gig in the middle of it really!

Our tour manager went for a dip in the sea which was apparently invigorating. He swears his teen like complexion is a result of seawater and iodine produced by seaweed. He also told me people were looking at him like he was nuts when he emerged from the briney.

The venue itself was s strange one. A pavillion with a garden feauturing a stunning display of yellow tulips and a bandstand, look...

Unfortunately we didn't get to play in the bandstand.

We are now rolling north heading for the Shropshire hills to spend a day off in good company at one of the finest hostelries in the county, if not the country.

Goodnight people...

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Monday, April 19, 2010


We have Neu! on the stereo and I've just eaten half a chicken and stuffing sandwich, a packet of Tomato Sauce flavour crisps, poured away a bottle of Carlsberg (foul "tasting" pish) and am considering a packet of M&M's (no peanuts).

Earlier this evening the bass player found a pair of discarded mens undergarments (used) in a corridor behind the stage and immediately identified them as belonging to the drummer. I'm sure you are asking the same questions we did.

I've just seen off the M&M's incidentally.

I met Emma with a Batman tattoo tonight. I've never seen anyone quite so excited at the prospect of buying a tea towel (visit the merchandise stand and it'll make sense).

Yesterday I told you I paid £3.30 for a pint. Today I got 2 pints for £3.58. And people wonder why I hate London.

That was a screen capture of the Peterson tuner app on my iPhone. Those of you who know will see that the B-string was a little sharp.

Just some random observations from a Sunday in Bristol. We're headed for the seaside now. Goodnight people ...

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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Here is our colour co-ordinated bus and trailer basking in the Bristol sunshine

Home on wheels

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Members Only...

I like Shepherds Bush Empire. Not because it's in London, not becase it's our capital but because it has a bloody big stage and I get to spread out a bit, like this:

Beautiful isn't it ? Not everyone gets as excited as me about pictures of guitars in stands but hey, arrest me.

I woke up in an underground car park this morning, I saw a chopper, bought a new Fred Perry, paid over £3 for a may detect a sense of the day not being filled with excitement, which is true but not a bad thing. But it means I'm struggling to tell you anything exciting.

We're now on the bus, a full complement at last after all our volcano based travel difficulties. All is remarkably calm. Usually we have loud music but tonight it's conversations about lip balm and comments about members of our party's members!

Tomorrow we will be in Bristol and I have just been reminded that on our last visit to this venue myself and a lighting chappie had a "frank exchange of views". I wonder if he'll be there again ? Better go get some rest and polish up my cutting remarks...goodnight people.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Volcanoes, Ferries, Carpet Slippers & Fitters...

We eventually all converged in Oxford. Two by ferry, three by car and the rest of us on a big green bus replete with colour co-ordinated trailer. The volcano tried to keep us apart but we prevailed.

Right, now enough of the pompous shit and down to business.

First days of tours I tend to find are quite fraught but this was a breeze. Everything done and dusted before 5.30 and into the nearest pub. No food to be had apart from "some stuff I've had in the freezer for 18 months" which was respectfully declined.

All the usual suspects had assembled by the time we'd been in the pub for an hour or so. Every-ware, Giggman, J and Mrs Buckley and Dave, who had made a gargantuan effort to arrive on time from Inverness regardless of what Icelands finest threw at him.

By 8 we were in the venue to witness the mighty Amsterdam fire up the crowd. If you're coming to a show and have never seen Amsterdam, make the effort to see them, they really are something special.

Our show passed uneventfully (I like 'em like that). Crowd and band seemed to enjoy themselves in equal measure.

And now we are back on the bus, London bound. I'm sitting in the front lounge in my carpet slippers (home comforts are important) listening to the playback of Dirty Rays album from the back lounge.

And the reason for mentioning the carpet fitter ? The local crew had to completely clear the stage once we'd finished. Lou Reed is playing there on Sunday and he will only play on a carpetted stage. So the Academy have a carpet fitter coming in tomorrow...HEY! Lou wrote "Walk On The Wild Side" so he can do what he likes.

Goodnight good people.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Icelandic Volcanoes...

...have never previously been known to cause much of a problem to bands touring the UK, but...

The current eruption of a volcano underneath a glacier in the Eyjafjallajoekull (try saying that after a few pints!) area of Iceland has sent a cloud of volcanic ash heading south which is causing major disruption to all flights in the UK.

How does this affect touring UK bands I hear you cry ? Well, one of our crew is currently stranded at Schipohl Airport in Amsterdam , en route from the USA, unable to enter the UK due to said cloud of volcanic ash !

Could you all face north and start blowing it away please ?

Friday, April 09, 2010

The Countdown Has Begun

Well I've had a call from the tour manager, a man of impeccable credentials and previously of my acquaintance, so it looks like we are good to go.

Look out Oxford, the Groovers will, very shortly, be on manoeuvres.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010


...3 months. I know I'm sorry but I've been otherwise distracted. I'm also sometimes unsure whether there is actually anyone out there reading this stuff or whether I'm just shouting into some virtual darkness ?


You may recall a couple of years ago I went on tour and promised, via the wonder of internet cafe's, to Blog the tour. After a couple of days of hunting down said internet cafe's in dark, dank corners of backstreet's in unfamiliar towns, I gave up.

Well, I am back on tour in exactly 7 days time and having just taken delivery yesterday of a shiny new iPhone, and upon discovering that there is "an app for that" (posting here on Blogger I mean, it's called BlogPress if anyone is interested) then I shall once again make the outrageous claim that I will "Blog the tour". This will of course come at great personal cost due the the aforementioned app costing me the princely sum of £1.79 !!! I trust you will all feel suitably grateful for my sacrifice.

So what to expect ? Hell how would I know, but I hope I can assure you it will not be dull. Names will be changed to protect the guilty and all that kind of stuff but I hope it will, nevertheless, be a ripping yarn.

Right, let's set the SatNav for Planet Rock...