Friday, April 23, 2010

OI! Bono...

Not only did our singer stay up until 9am boozing (singer "why didn't you tell me it was 9am" Tour Manager "you didn't ask") he was heard to have the following exchange with a member of his audience:

(Singer explains why the band will be playing some cover versions)

Audience Member: "Do some U2"

Singer: "I will...right after I come down there and kick your f*ckin' head in"

Oh how we laughed!

We managed to spend even more money in Britains finest Doctor Martens shop(Scorpio Shoes for those that are interested). Our shoe addiction may yet be the ruination of us but we now both have very comfortable sandals.

This is the scene that greeted us over breakfast

You gotta say that's a beauty. Reminded me of Edinburgh. Shame breakfast wasn't as impressive !

Tomorrow we look forward to investigating a cheese and chocolate shop a friend told us about. And we have kidnapped the support bands giant poster and plan to ransom it.

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Location:Windmill Way,Gateshead,United Kingdom

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denniscrupi said...

Needed that laugh. Looking forward to the next stop!