Monday, October 30, 2006

Just like going on a school trip...

Much happier me today.

My copy of the Good Beer Guide is packed, I've chosen a few well placed watering holes already, all I need to do now is wash some t-shirts and and grab my tool box.

Yes my friends, the people I least expected to come through for me, came through for me and I am going on tour...YIPPEE !!!

I've no doubt this will depress the DoubleD beyond imagining but be comforted by the thought that we will miss you brother.

I may have to figure out some way of blogging the tour. Better find a guide to the nations internet cafe's then.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic.... and I mean that. Having had the privilage of being a witness to how the best band in the world gets "its sh!t together" for a tour, I have to say I'm gonna miss it more than words can say. 2006 will be up there with 2000 and 1984.

You may have to blog about all those wonderful beers too.

Have a goon'un fella. I'll be there in spirit!

Russ said...

How many will you make ? Don't say Aylesbury as I discovered yesterday that is the only town on the tour that doesn't have an entry in the Guide !!! Colchester ? Southampton ?