Friday, November 24, 2006

A Full English Please...No Tomatoes...

I know, I know...I said I was going to Blog the current tour and so far I've managed to do absolutely nothing. So here is a brief story so far from a bloody freezing cold Inverness.

Northampton What a very extravagant venue. All art Deco and staff in shirts and ties. Did it and left really

Nottingham The Rescue Rooms has had a coat of paint and a dust ! Once again all very uneventful

Manchester Rocking show with lots of old faces about.

Shrewsbury Very similar to Northampton. All very sterile.

Wrexham Where to start ? Poor ticket sales. The jockey wheel on the trailer broke. Erica not feeling well. Malc's gear went south. Bloody great show !!! The man screaming "play Golden Green again" all night got his wish.

Carlisle A venue seemingly run by the local chapter of the Hell's Angels. It was dirty, cold, dark and nasty. The PA was appallingly bad and the power tripped out during changeover. Again, a bloody great gig. Although we all could have lived without the 11pm stage time.

Aberdeen Freezing cold in the town but the gig was like a sauna it was so hot. Hard to breathe so Milo was having a hard time of it. Glad to get done and get out of there.

Aberdeen however had some stunning pubs including the Prince of Wales and the Old Blackfriars who also served us with great food all day and the beer of the tour so far, Inveralmond Ossian.

More later...honest !


Anonymous said...

Damn.... and buggery.

Do you know how hard it is to sit in a training room for 9 hours a day with nothing to look forward to? No, just me and a dozen other geeky twats... Sorry, got carried away.... ANYHOW.

What ya mean Malc's gear went south? Nicked? or did the wobble finaly become a topple?

And whats with Fiddly MkII? Tell her I'm sending tons of mental lovelynes for her.

I bet its all the worry of having to think about that trailer..... now that she knows one exists that is.

Tell Milo to stop being a girl, it's much much harder being down the front in all that moshing business.

Anyhow, hope everything gets a little more messy, and watch out for that dodgy life in Newcastle... 13 flights of stairs... in a spiral (dont ask)

Anonymous said...

bugger, no not LIFE in Newcastle, I meant LIFT

arse with it

Anonymous said...

actually, I think I probably did mean LIFE.