Monday, August 22, 2011

Vinyl Adventures #3

And another arrived this morning...

Len Jewell, or as he occasionally liked to be known "His Imperial Highness Sir Leonard Jewel Smith", fronted soul group The Styles and first released "Betting On Love" on his own label Teri De. It was later picked up for a wider release by the Fontana label in 1967.

This is another record I have bought for the B-side however. "All My Good Lovin'" is a fabulously smooth piece of late 60's/early 70's soul sounding like it may have been purpose made for the Northern Soul scene. I think it's original release was in 1969 on the Pzazz Records label.

The two songs were bought together in 2004 on the re-activated Soul City label. Soul City was a British record label run by the great soul fan and writer Dave Godin from his record shop of the same name in London. This here copy of the release is a promo release with hand written artist name and song titles on the label.

People, I give you Len Jewell and "All My Good Lovin'"...enjoy!

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