Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vinyl Adventures #2

Here comes the second installment of Vinyl Adventures already as the record arrived today.

I came across The Marvellos "Why Do You Want To Hurt The One That Loves You" on a blog that I frequent that suggests soul records that are not so often played at events these days and are ripe for revival. I was immediately taken with the reasonably sparse arrangement which then crashes into a monstrous "let's throw the kitchen sink at it" chorus.

I searched around for it in vain for some time until I discovered that it was a B-side, the A-side being "You're Such A Sweet Thing" which you can listen to at Derek's Daily 45 blog right here. Armed with this information I tracked down a couple of copies but the price was a little rich for me. Finally I tracked down a copy in the US which was priced more to my liking and it arrived this morning.

Ladies and gents I give you The Marvellos and "Why Do You Want To Hurt The One That Loves You"...enjoy!


Delmonti said...

I'm having an education here! ....and its strangely enjoyable

Russ said...

Did you try the A-side over at Derek's Daily 45 yet ?