Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Click, Flap, Ouch...

Given the title of this blog of mine I suppose it is only fitting that I include some Morris Dancing content, if only for the benefit of anyone stumbling upon my little world following a search for information on English Folk dancing (For those of you still not up to speed on the reasons for my blog's title see here).

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures for your entertainment:

These two ladies were wandering around backstage at the Cambridge Folk Festival and were most surprised when I leapt out of a trailer asking if I could take their picture. I explained that I had a great interest in Morris Dancing but they wouldn't believe my reasons why if I told them. Lovely pairs of bells tho' !

This poster was in the main arena at the Cambridge Folk Festival. Morris Dancing with a dangerous edge, I like the idea of that.

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George the Lad said...

As you know I'm into a bit of Morris Dancing, didn'nt know the girlies dressed like that, might have to give them bells a bit of a pull ;)
See Yea George xxx