Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yet More Proof...

...of the non existence of god (I'd like to say sorry to anyone offended by the lower case "g"...but I'd be lying).

Spent Saturday at the Bishop's Castle Beer Festival. I'd love to link you to a web site telling you all about it but they don't really like to advertise it (it must be a local beer festival for local people).

The two brew pubs in town (The Six Bells (see pictue below) and The Three Tuns) open their doors to other breweries wares and 4 or 5 other pubs in town also have a number of fine brews available.

A very splendid late afternoon/early evening was spent quaffing in the back garden area of the Six Bells. Proprieter and brewer Big Nev was around making sure everyone was having a good old time and things were going with a swing. The inside of the pub was rammed and there must have been 200 people out in the back garden area, a number of a beardy and woolly jumpered nature, the much maligned stereotypical image of the real ale drinker. But there were many younger types enjoying the fine ales and good company.

So my reason for titling this missive in such a contentious manner ? It was bloody freezing cold and kept lashing down with rain every 30 minutes or so making all those in the open dash for the little shelter there was to be had. Surely any benevolent deity who really loved the "children" of his creation would have ensured some blue skies and sunshine ? And if, as some of his followers would have you believe, he really does disapprove of our intemperance then he's obviously never had to tackle Arriva Trains Wales on a Friday afternoon...that would drive a saint to drink !

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