Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bricks, Broken Roadies & Sticks

Firstly a big shout out to Marcus...thinking about ya fella. Anytime you fancy ranting over a pint, rant this way.

Only 10 days until "cast off" day (not that I'm counting the days you see).

Went to see The Wonder Stuff in Derby last night. Malc had "a fall" and has knackered his wrist, Dan has put his back out loading out after the first gig and McCarthy's new facial growth is apparently due to the fact that he went "f*cking mental" recently (can't figure out Tommo's excuse tho') ! Seems like me and my broken ankle would have fitted in quite well on this tour after all.

Great night though, if very hot and sweaty. Amazing how after not seeing each other for 18 months and only 3 days rehearsal they just click back into being The Wonder Stuff. It was all there.

Lynn finally put in an appearance. She obviously needed to hear some real music after subjecting herself to all that Scandinavian metal/goth/glam she appears to favour.
Didn't realise until last night that Brian From Brum does the PA announcements at New Street station.
Dave from Inverness (and the hat) was in full on DA Pennebaker mode with his very natty looking video camera. Special mention for his t-shirt too.

Shall be sorry to miss out on JB's tonight but it's just difficult to get around the place for me at the moment.

Go check out The Platforms. There are two tracks on there you can download.

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