Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Leg Up

You'll no doubt be heartened to hear on Friday I actually managed to get out of the house to The Crown for a few pints. I was getting cabin fever cooped up in the house 24 hours a day. Had to get a cab there, £2.50 for a cab to take me what usually takes 5 minutes to walk...ridiculous.

Saturday however wasn't as exciting. I stayed "home alone" while Deb, James and Jules went off to Shrewsbury to see Milo & Erica.

As someone else said...broken bones suck.

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Delmonti said...

No post as promised yet! I set about looking for my "grabber" to send you... It's, well, basically a grown up version of the kids robtic hand grabber you get in Woolies, but I think it may have been lobbed out with the Sock puller-on'er and the extendable bog seat.

Anyhow, thinking back I doubt you'd really want to be using my grabber..... it's grabbed some 'orrible things.

'nuff said.