Monday, July 09, 2007

The Libertines...

Noooooooo...not that talentless bunch of junkie no marks we see splashed across our favourite tabloid day after day.

I speak of the band I used to be in in the late '80's. You remember, made one single that didn't sell. Man I've got a houseful of the beggaring things and I can't give 'em away.

Anyway in a bizarre series of MySpace postings and phone calls this morning it appears that myself, the drummer and the guitar player will be in the same rehearsal room in darkest Wolverhampton this very evening.

Watch this space as they say...

1 comment:

Delmonti said...

It's at times like these I wish I'd taken up the offer of a job in the midlands.

Having just recently been.... erm... lets say "assimilated" into a band I have to say it's a bleedin hoot... again.

Have great time there Russ, any chance of a signed copy of one of those records? Best not use the one thats keeping the kitchen table level, or the one's used as coasters.......!