Friday, June 29, 2007

Garry O Is A Bluenose

Just realised how long it has been since I posted anything here. That must indicate that I am a completely happy and contented bunny right now...right ?

Well of course not but then I figured you might not always want to hear me whining on.

Things I am sure that I know:

Damien Dempsey's new album "To Hell Or Barbados" is another winner. Go on, treat yourself.
The second series of "Rome" currently showing on the BBC is fantastically gory and nuts.
I love my new alarm clock.
Summer without football is very dull (Cricket and Tennis I hear you say...pah !)

That's all for now folks. Normal whinging will resume as soon as something suitable raises my ire.



theboywil said...

I am learning that summer is for Baseball...

Tonight is my third Mariners game this week..

Lots of fun, the game might not be all that, but the sitting in the sun drinking beer and eating garlic fries more than makes up for it...

(This week is a bit of an oddity and, to be honest, the reasons for going weren't really the game or the beer. First game was free c/o friends in ticketmaster, the second was a daytime work team-building event and this one we are guests of the university of washington..)

Russ said...

So it's really "sitting in the sun drinking beer and eating garlic fries" for free that attracts you to the game ;-)

I view it a little like cricket, too hard to understand, it takes too long to play and how can you play professional sports in those ridicuous uniforms ?

Pre-season training begins this week, football is almost back.

Say hi to Sunny for me and here's hoping you is both hale and hearty.

Delmonti said...

I'll have none of this whining.... Thats my hat!

Thats a smarty-tarty alarm clock there, if only it had a DAB radio.

Oh, you may of noticed that at the last gig I was more pf a spour-puss than usual. I can only blame it on my hip and a bad batch of pain killers..... although it looked like I didnt enjoy it, you know that I did.

Anyhow, you need to do more blogging!

Russ said...

You need to come and sit in my pub for an afternoon/evening (or both) and aneasthetise that hip.

I did consider the DAB radio thing but then realised I would probably never use it. In fact I haven't used the FM bit yet either.

I know I need to blog more but if I blogged as regularly as I thought about it, it would be a constant stream of whining about work and stupid people.