Thursday, August 31, 2006

The First In A Series of Random Annoyances...

I hear Universal music (or whatever they are called this week) are to start a free digital music download service. In order for you to download a file you will have to sit through some form of advertising.

What struck me was a statement repeated in more than one press piece that the files from this service will not be compatible with Apple's iPod and that DRM technology will ensure that users cannot burn the files to audio CD's.

So one of the worlds biggest record companies will produce and distribute media that cannot be played on the worlds most popular portable device for listening to music ! Could you imagine in the far off mists of time if Sony Records had announced that it would produce CD's that would not play in Phillips CD players...yeah I know, a ridiculous idea...isn't it ?

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Delmonti said...

so, the music industry continues to "piss in its own chips" eh?

Where is the business sense here? Free unplayable music for the masses and all I have to do is watch an advert for Daz Ultra.

Did I miss a meeting?