Thursday, January 27, 2011

Part 2a - I’m Ready Now So What The Heck…(cont.)

While I was writing my last blog post I needed to do some research into dates and came across a couple of websites that I wanted to let you know about.

Firstly which was where I discovered the dates I was looking for. If you're at all a fan of SLADE this is a great site packed with info.

In the Links section of was a link to What's all that about ? Well as Dave Kemp himself says:

"Slade. Noddy Holder, Dave Hill, Jim Lea and Don Powell. Between 1972 and 1986 they were the main focus of my life. I lived and breathed the band. In tribute I have created my own website about the happiest times in my life - 15 years following Slade.
This website therefore is really for my personal use. It's to act as my diary. It will sit in the past. It will be my personal memories of West Hampstead days and of all the fun, laughter and tears of following, who I consider, were Britain's greatest rock band - Slade."

So there I was rummaging through Dave's memories when to my absolute delight I found he had pictures taken at the two gigs I referred to in my last blog post. I hope Dave doesn't mind but there are links to them just underneath here. Enjoy ! I know I did...

Birmingham Hippodrome May 5th 1977

Birmingham Town Hall March 21st 1978


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