Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He might pass by in the hour of need...

7 years today since Joe left us. Hells teeth, time flies. And right now we really need someone like him around.

I was lucky enough to meet him just before he went and, in that short time I spoke with him, he left a lasting impression on me.

Rest easy brother Joe...

"A Prince and man has left the earth
I can’t believe the news I heard
He so moved me
Amsterdam - Joe's Kiss


Ryan the Lion roar... said...
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Ryan the Lion roar... said...

I stumbled on this blog doing the "next blog" feature and decided to follow it for the sole purpose of finding good music I haven't heard before. Having been raised on Classic Rock, I'm not privy to nor really interested in a lot of more recent tunes, however I'm sure there is good music out there. You've just turned me on to some. Thanks.

I wanted to add that I love the homage to "You Wear it Well" in Joe's kiss. That was a nice touch and makes me like him more.