Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Reading List...

The last few books I've read have all been biographical...

John Peel
Keith Moon
Kirsty MacColl
Gram Parsons
Graham Chapman

I really need to stop reading about dead people !


librarylizzie said...

I got the Kirsty book off your desk (NICE OFFICE BTW) and promptly lent it to Derek so I didn't have to lug it all the way home in my suitcase!

Neotopia said...

I'm currently reading a rather entertaining and edifying autobiography by Marc Almond called 'Tainted Life'.

Previously I thoroughly enjoyed 'Pigs Might Fly', the story of Pink Floyd. Whilst not really being into their overblown musical output I was somehow drawn into their soap opera of disfunction, having received said book as a misguided birthday present.

To follow that, I read 'The Saga Of Hawkwind', by Carol Clerk. Similar period - similar ground breaking visuals driven big psychedelic band. The poor communication between members. Similar interference from loved ones. But without the yachts. Recommended.