Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Doesn't it annoy you when... find a new artist whose back catalogue is fabulous. You spend some time looking forward to the arrival of their new release's not very good

Ho-Hum the search continues


theboywil said...

Who is it that it is..?

(my new eat-as-much-as-you-want Zune pass is letting me fill up on all sorts of music I'd not heard before..)

theboywil said...

it seems that the answer may be below...

Russ said...

Indeed! Frank Turner. Feast yourself upon "Love Ire & Song" which is beyiond wonderful
Be very careful about "Poetry of the Deed"...v lacklustre indeed

theboywil said...

Listening to Love Ire & Song at the moment, and amusingly enough I just heard the line "If music was the food of love, I'd be a fat romantic slob..."

Was about to share it with you, only to notice that you'd already quoted it... :-)

I'm enjoying his stuff, and he's in Seattle in less than a fortnight, so may have to check him out.

(He's playing with 'Murder by Death' and 'The Gaslight Anthem" who both have interesting band names..)

Russ said...

We're going to see Frank Turner in October at The Wulfrun and I'm hoping that the new stuff suddenly makes sense once heard live as I can't believe how nondescript the new album is after the previous 2.

I got Gaslight Anthem's last album following the Springsteen endorsement at Glastonbury. It sounded like the Killers without keyboards.

Delmonti said...

Hmmm, have to agree with the "Deed" album. THere's a few good'uns but not as instant as "Love Ire"

Dan's Song is vgood
The Road is damn good too (well, the acoustic version is)
Poetry of the Deed is nice.

I guess TWS spoilt me because of the constant and consistant bloody mavelous songs one after the other, no picking the bones out if ya get me drift..... and I consider Construction to be their finest.... there.... I said it!

and just to re-address the balance, "Welcome to the cheap seats" is my only piss break gig song. Which also explains why I dont dance, having such a full bladder and everything.