Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Plaque Security

I'm at an airport. One of my least favourite places.

I've just had all my toiletry items confiscated as apparently they are a security risk.

I'm willing to bet more people are killed every year in the UK due to murder, suicide and drunk driving than have been killed by terrorist attacks on aircraft leaving the UK in the last 10 years but still I can't take mouthwash to France !


theboywil said...

Maybe it's not the taking of mouthwash on planes it's the fact that mouthwash was recently made illegal in France.

The law is intended to preserve their culture by ensuring that visitors get to experience the joy of walking around with Garlicy Cheesy Wine breath...

(As a complete aside, we're off to see Paul Weller in a few hours :-) getting excited....)

Delmonti said...

Talking of Mr Weller, I was very surprised to lean that he has a studio in the same village as the bike club I belong to. Quaint little place it is too.