Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It's a wonderful song and has been performed by many fantastic artists. The current UK obsession with the version released by a competition winner being none of them.

I'm pleased it looks like it will be a hit if only because Leonard Cohen, who wrote the song, claims he was fraudulently relieved of his retirement fund in 2005 and he probably needs the royalties right now.

What would be fantastic is if the British record buying public decided to purchase versions of the song that would not benefit those that visit the abomination known as the X Factor upon us.

You can download Leonard Cohen's original version Here


You can download Jeff Buckley's stunning cover of the song Here


Delmonti said...

very true. although the first few weeks of X Factor are a hoot and a fantastic place to showcase the afflicted. The addition of a firing squad in the later stages is sadly missing tho'

librarylizzie said...

It's not this one then:

A particular fave of mine....