Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last Day Of Another Year

And here I am sitting listening to "Happy" by William Bell and overall feeling like I agree with him. A most unusual state of mind to find myself in.

2007 bought it's fair share of surprises, chief among them Jim dropping out of University. He didn't like it so I'm not gonna make the kid stick it out just for the sake of finishing it. He immediately found himself a job, he's going to continue with his degree through the OU and he is learning to fly, which is something he has always wanted to do.

Work still sucks (Hey! That's what it's for isn't it ?) although I shall be discussing moving into a new department in a couple of days which will at least relieve me of being answerable to the complete numbnuts I now find is my line "manager". So things may get different if not guaranteed to be better.

And much as I would like to sit here chatting all day, I've just been told I can leave ;-) So here's wishing you all whatever you wish yourselves for 2008 and I hope I'll be seeing you all real soon.

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Delmonti said...

why did it take me so long to notice a new post? Oh well

James flying? go for it fella, I personally get a nose bleed standing on a curb.

I hope this new dept thing works out for ya. My job has hit the shits big time. Just as we get rid of "Burt" we end up with his sidekick "Ernie" trying his hand at management.
If I didnt have to pay the mortgage I'd think it was funny.